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    Dove’s New Ad Campaign: Photoshop Trick or Reality Treat?

    Dove is back with another installment of its decade-long “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which aims to inspire confidence in women when discussing beauty.

    While Dove’s previous efforts (commercials like “Evolution,” “Onslaught,” and “Amy”) were directed at consumers to convince them to rethink their perceptions of beauty, this one targets those who create the ads.

    The beauty brand built a Photoshop action, which is a downloadable file that can apply a certain look to an image in one click. This action file, which promised to add a skin-glowing effect to images, was released online in forums where art directors and other photo retouchers would stumble upon it and hopefully download it. In reality though, the action would revert the Photoshopped image to its original state with the tagline, “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” 

    What do you guys think? Is Dove making a good point about the beauty industry by targeting photo retouchers?


    Photoshop has been the center of controversy for many years. Find out more about this great debate here.

    this is rude. as someone who photoshops for a living, this would do nothing more than piss me off. a lot of times the only things that we’re retouching are zits, color correcting, or making skin tones even. i understand that we should all love our bodies, and we should all see everyone as beautiful, but it’s shitty to fuck people’s jobs  in the process.

    Lol, I’m sure all those graphic designers at GQ and Cosmo hit up the latest and greatest actions whenever they come out.

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    Lol, I’m sure all those graphic designers at GQ and Cosmo hit up the latest and greatest actions whenever they come out.
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