1. I need a beer.

    Glad that is over with, but let me take a step back and talk about beer and my plan for drinking beer. See, it’s a five point plan.

    1. I’m going to go to the fridge. And I’m going to grab an ice cold American owned and brewed Yuengling.

    2. In order to get to that beer, I am going to have to push aside cans of soda. Not because I don’t like them, but because they aren’t going to do the same job beer can.

    3. I’m going to crack open that beer and revel in the dew drops of condensations. Ahh, isn’t that nice.

    4. I’m going to keep buying Yuengling in cans, because that is budget friendly. But I’ll secretly keep a stash of bottles elsewhere for my own private consumption.

    5. While drinking this can, I am going to appreciate how great American breweries can be.

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