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    Mitt-evil Times

    Romnicula only leaves the safety of his castle at night.

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    Why anyone still wants to vote for Mitt, I don’t know. He looked more respectable six months ago than he does now.
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    I bolded the paragraph above because lol!
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  35. chrismohney said: Mitt is huge!
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    Romnicula only leaves the safety of his castle at night.
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    Live-Evil notyes Live Evil
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    Is Mittens freaking serious right now? He’s getting his panties in a wad over President Obama using the word “Romnesia,”...
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    Mitt-evil Times
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    No, Mitt the Twit, changing your position every 15 minutes is not presidential. And funny how that is your only rebuttal...
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    You know what’s not presidential, Mitt? All the fucking yourself you need to go do.
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