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    Dairy milk is singled out as the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis

    I too like to write articles without any citations beyond a book that is sold via a sketchy 90’s era website which hasn’t updated its copyright in two years. The books included on the page give you advice on a “a foolproof way to lose surplus body fat that can work for anybody, quickly and easily” and “Buyers can avoid stamp duty and make big savings, prevent losing a property through lack of cash, and cover legal costs without using own money.” Yes, this totally seems like legitimate research.

    Oh, and don’t forget, he also wrote a book on air travel which:

    Shows airline passengers how to survive a plane crash using the unique ‘Sing Survival Method.’ Also shows how to avoid other flight dangers such as infection from recycled cabin air, blood clots, high altitude radiation, and many other avoidable risks faced by air travelers. A ‘must have’ for anybody who flies.

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    Almond milk is a great and healthy dairy free choice if you’re looking for alternatives, I don’t like soy but almond...
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    America is one of the largest consumers of dairy in the world and we also have one of the largest rates of osteoporosis,...
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