1. fritzlefretz:


    omg there’s gonna be a street culture of tampon dealers, could you imagine calling a dealer like ‘i have a really heavy flow this in an emergency i need the ones with four droplets on the box’ 

    Just gonna leave this here.


    Wooooow, really?

    This is funny, and I apparently have at least SOME faith in Romney, in that  I didn’t immediately believe it.

    HOWEVER, I’d like to point out THIS bit from the “savingourrepublic” tumblr:

    I cannot believe how easily liberals swallow down the lies and fake news even when it is admitted the news is fake. They still prefer to live in a zombie state and believe it is real. If only everyone would do their research and double check what is being said before continuing to spread misinformation (about everything in life, not just politics), then maybe we would have more commons sense in this dang age. That just makes too much sense though.

    Don’t worry, Fox News has you covered.

    (Source: gac-sexconfessions)

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    oh m y fucking god how did he even get votes to become president what the hell
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    (please note: The article is from FreeWoodPost. A not-so-reliable news site. I would actually consider this to be a...
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    Guys who say this should wake up as a women on their period
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