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    Drink grape juice? Like that’s going to happen…
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    Real Talk, health scientists, the last thing I’m thinking about when I’m drinking wine is “cardiovascular benefits.”
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  35. photovotary said: The study as described sounds like it just barely passed as “science”. Glad the title of your story used the word “suggests” because that was all the so-called study can be said to have done. Who funds research of such low caliber?
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    Fuck science! Do what feels right for you :) Keep on Growing, Y’all :)
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    Science will not impede my drinking habits. Nope. Good thing the health I’m drinking to is more so a sentiment, then! :>
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    Man, Science just can’t leave well enough alone.
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    research suggests IT’S BOOZE, DRINK IT OR DON’T, let’s not pretend we care if it’s healthy or not.
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