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    See this is where you are confused. The government is not PAYING for your birth control. The government is ensuring that basic birth control is AFFORDABLE (re: free) by enforcing a no-copay restriction for basic birth control on insurance companies. Therefore, your insurance company is paying for your birth control, which last time I checked is only able to exist because, oh yes that is right — YOU PAY A PREMIUM EVERY MONTH.

    This is the same as mandating affordable (re: free) yearly exams and other preventative steps. Why, you ask? WHY?! Because prevention is actually CHEAPER than “fixing” (either abortion/birthing for birth control or death/hospital bills for, say high cholesterol related implications).

    Hypocrisy is thinking that the ACA is wrong and then taking advantage of medicaid or going to a hospital without insurance and leaving your bills to the taxpayers.

    Since BASIC birth control is already well into it’s generic phase, it is a relatively cheap thing for an insurance company to cover, with little impact to premiums or the company as a whole. If anything, this is not hypocrisy but the breaking down of a stigma that birth control should be thought of as anything other than another medicinal option.

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    I hate Sandra Fluke more than I hate Barack Obama, and that’s saying something.
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    Well the desire for sex is really strong, esp inteenagers. I’m 18 and got free depo because I know people. But I also...
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    Sure. But that doesn’t mean we’ll need to have the government subsidize it. I think if such a great invention were...
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    ^^^THIS MOTHERFUCKERS, THIS! I loved Sandra Fluke’s speech at the DNC!
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    You can’t tell someone to stay out of your bedroom… then demand they pay for your birth control.
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