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    What a fucking boy band.

    It’s not a boy band if they are fucking men and have gotten laid.

    -___-. God save our youth.

    Well they aren’t a boy band like One Direction. Do the Beatles choreograph their dances and preformance? No, they play their own instruments and write their own music so I don’t consider them a boy band (at least by the end of their career)

    Guys I’m having a real conversation right now! Oh my god so real, hello! I’m also probably traumatizing a fourteen year old who has never heard of sarcasm.


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    Hello, I’m sorry but I can not hear sarcasm over one of my Tumblr posts -_- Let me go hide and try to recover from this...
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    Guys I’m having a real conversation right now! Oh my god so real, hello! I’m also probably traumatizing a fourteen year...
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    Sad? Lonely? Happy? In love? Down on your luck?
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