1. brain-food:

    If this humpback whale could speak, it would say “Thank you”

    These folks were out on an expedition in the Sea of Cortez when they cam upon a humpback whale who had been badly entangled in a fisherman’s net. She wasn’t going to be able to breathe much longer, as her fins were bound to her body and she was exhausted.

    Watch this adventure as they decide to cut her free, foot by foot, finally releasing her from the net. The best part? Although whales can’t talk, they are clearly intelligent, social and emotional. Starting at about 6:30, these boaters get the show of their lives. Clearly, the whale is saying “Thank you”.

    “Mommy I know what she’s doing … she’s showing us that she’s all free”

    (via SeaMonster)

    I just needed you guys to know that i’m completely sobbing at work, and at the 7:25min marker is what completely through me over the feels edge. 

    I will not watch this I will not watch this I will not watch this.

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