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    Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way

    Blast from the past motherfuckers.

    These guys are from Pittsburgh. So many great things are from Pittsburgh! Me, Joe Manganiello, etc. Anyway, when I was a camp counselor in West Virginia, we convinced the campers that this song was actually about this guy Simeon who worked lake staff. The kids sang “Simeon the Whale” all summer long. And now you will too!

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    Allison gives me so much shit for loving this song but I’ve loved it since I was 4 and I refuse to stop now
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    These guys are from Pittsburgh. So many great things are from Pittsburgh! Me, Joe Manganiello, etc. Anyway, when I was a...
  42. kristynibbles said: The better part of my youth involved dancing around with my friends, usually high, to this song. Oh youth.
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