1. I’d get a new lawyer…

    If you are convicted of crime A, and your lawyer does not come out with a “no comment” or “my client is innocent” when someone accuses him of another crime B, perhaps…sexual assault…I’d fire him.

    Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney, released a statement Monday responding to the allegations. In it, he said his client was not yet 8 years old when the alleged abuse began, and that he was 17 when it ended. O’Mara said the woman is Zimmerman’s cousin.

    I certainly wouldn’t be happy with him coming out and telling everyone the woman I sexually assaulted was my cousin.

    O’Mara said the woman is Zimmerman’s cousin.

    Maybe he could use some of his paypal funds to get a new lawyer?

    (Source: wptv.com)

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