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    Oh wait, I forgot - pizza is a vegetable. 

    [All images of vegan food]

    Is soy considered a vegetable? [Yes.]

    Just because you modify something beyond it’s original form does not negate it’s origin. Shy of your grain intake, vegans do, in fact, have a significantly higher intake of vegetables than their carnivorous counterparts.

    I’ve been getting this comment a lot. My point made was that an omnivore (or vegetarian) will usually imagine that vegans only eat salad, and boring vegetable dinners. We also eat nuts, fruits, seeds, and grains, but all they ever seem to point out is “so you only eat vegetables?”

    And yes, many of these things are made with fruits and veggies, but they’re not what omnivores think of when they hear the word “vegan food”. 

    [So everyone can stop reiterating how we eat food MADE out of vegetables now, right? Thanks]

    Totally hear you on that one. Some of the best baked goods I’ve ever had have been vegan. But now I’m allergic to Soy (and corn and peanuts), and while it only typically manifests with high soy content items such as soy flour + water (aka “soy milk”) I’m pretty much fucked. 

    Also, I can’t eat fresh fruits or vegetables due to a very intense cross reaction with my seasonal allergies, minus fresh lettuce, peeled apples, lemons and limes. Everything else would have to be cooked or at least pasteurized.

    Long story short, I’d have a very, VERY boring vegan existence. If veganism was a trait that evolution cared about, I’d probably be dead in the water.

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