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    I’m tired and hungry.

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    "This is also a cool example of citizen activism and how people who don’t have anything to do get involved in really...
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    Some people just absolutely deserve to be slapped.
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    I’ll scan some of the “thoughts of a humble cattleman” letters we get at work sometime. You’ll shit knives.
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    Patricia Weber is too good for Hollywood. She sends all her blockbuster ideas in to the La Jolla Light.
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    Put all of us whites on reservations. The more I keep looking at this, the more gems I find. It’s like a trashcan punch...
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    LMAO, this makes me want to slit my throat.
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    The problem with people this stupid is they’re too stupid to realize how stupid they are. I feel bad for reblogging this...
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    I admit, I did not see that coming.
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    DAMN YOU OREO!!!!!!!
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