1. Falls right off the bone…


  2. Some good marketing!


  3. The tomatillos are out of control. #garden


  4. Hoping to give everything one last hoorah before


  5. Game on! @cortneylin


  6. Q.E.D.


  7. Party rule: don’t mix your beer and your water.


  8. Fish tank is coming together nicely!


  9. Some sidewalk #pressurewasherporn


  10. You know what they say, better late than never! #garden #vegetables


  11. Dinner thanks to @hamanicp!


  12. Thanks @clifbarcompany! #everymorning


  13. Black roof squirrel!


  14. I don’t think I’ll be saving the straining from this one. #hotsauce #lipsonfire


  15. Serano, onion, roma and a dash of lime. #hotsauce