1. Holy #cantaloupe batman! #gardening


  2. unbears said: would you like to trade the url lower for the url "cute" or "low"i have them both saved

    It is cute how low your URL squatting is.


  3. Congratulations @megpies224 and Bryan!


  4. Up close with the umd marching band!


  5. Go terps!


  6. Working from home for the long weekend!


  7. Those deep window sills are good for one thing… #thisoldhouse #renovation


  8. Cords are ugly. #renovation #thisoldhouse


  9. Almost move in ready!


  10. Almost 12 miles earlier today with @mandamay99878


  11. Almost done! Some filler pieces and nail hole patching…


  12. This is begging for a caption.


  13. Sushi night with @mandamay99878 !


  14. Sizing up the deep sill. #thisoldhouse #silledit