1. Drip irrigation going in!


  2. Cya single panes!


  3. The green bean game is officially getting out of control.


  4. Nailed it.


  5. Anybody want some basil? Just keep your hands of my dragon cayenne! #garden


  6. Finally more of a real harvest! Lettuce is doing very well! #eggplant #garden


  7. Celebration #4thofjuly #independenceday #iloveher


  8. Clog them arteries


  9. @mandamay99878 getting her try dye on


  10. Paper upgrade for my @etsy.


  11. Probably having way too much fun with the nail guns.


  12. inothernews:

    The 5-4 decision is Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, Inc. was reached… by men.

    This is what we get for allowing Obama to appoint women to the Supreme Court.  If only he had appointed more men our team could have won!

    Damn him.

    (via taralikesnonsense)


  13. Love me some sardis! #pollo


  14. Grow tomatoes too!


  15. They. Are. Back.

    After an arguably far too long hiatus I have restocked my large cream journals on my Etsy! With over 40 sales since first listed, this journal has been one of my best selling large styles! I have restocked the most popular closure options:

    Have a look around! I will be listing more and more styles now that the house purchasing experience has settled down some and summer is kicking in. I have another 5 never before seen leather styles waiting to be made!