1. Oh Kessi


  2. Wild Kessi on the prowl.


  3. Kessi loves the porch


  4. @mandamay99878 found awesome rugs and did up some hanging pots for the front porch!


  5. I guess they aren’t flipping it…


  6. Woke up today to get a couple yards of compost from college park for @mandamay99878 s and mine victory garden!


  7. Flip that house!


  8. blendedupbaby:

    this forever

    This movie made my crawl space the best place ever.

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  9. Puppy Strega Nona


  10. pekingduck:

    This is so dumb and it plays on the fact that the American people are easily tricked and gullible. 

    Next time I have a bowl of cereal I am putting cheese on it.

    Because cheese.

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  11. trendingly:

    What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

    Click Here To See More!

    *and pollution

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  12. S5 Selfie


  13. hellodmitri:

    Enemy by Denis Villeneuve, 2014.

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  14. See ya sf. Hello Atlanta.


  15. Taqueria Can Cun. Photo does not does justice to the heft of this thing.